B.R.O.S. Maintenance Painting Program

Our specialized maintenance painting program focuses exclusively on ensuring that all your finishes are maintained.

In Essence Home Preservation
This simple yet effective program is designed to minimize the potential risk of costly home repairs and to keep your home or business looking good. Paint is a protect ant and when applied correctly and when properly maintained acts as one.

"To Beautify and Protect The Qualities of paint"

Service Includes
  • Two complete evaluations each with a detailed maintenance report for your records.
  • 16 hours toward any of our painting services.
  • Preferential Scheduling (pre holiday, special occasion, etc.)
  • Special hourly/daily rates.
  • Assurance that we are helping take care of your home or business.

  • Pricing = $65.00 A Month

    BROS - Special Maintenance Painting Service

    This is a full service maintenance painting program focused exclusively on maintaining all paint related finishes and keeping your restaurant looking clean.

    In high traffic areas it does not take long for a newly painted wall to appear dirty and for the overall good appearance of your restaurant to diminish. Visual interpretation can manifest itself in many different ways and a positive or negative experience is well remembered.

    As the saying goes "You only have one chance to make a good first impression".

    We want the opportunity to make sure the impression your customers get is of a clean well taken care of establishment and that they continue to feel that way on subsequent return visits.

    Through our service you can be assured that we will achieve this goal!

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    Every 3 Months

  • Touch up high traffic areas and wherever needed in order to keep your restaurant looking clean.
  • A detailed maintenance report for your records with each visit.
  • Your restaurant has a painting professional on call from color consultation to graffiti removal and repaint.
  • All hours are flexible, we work with your schedule and the varying needs of each individual restaurant.
  • With proper maintenance the duration of time between a complete repaint can be greatly extended thus saving money while keeping up the good appearance of your restaurant.
  • When the time comes for a complete repaint we can apply a portion of the maintenance cost towards the cost of the complete repaint or prorate the difference if another painting contractor performs the job.

  • We offer two different programs depending on the size and specific needs of each individual restaurant you can choose between the 12 or 24. Both programs provide the same service and achieve the same goal.

    12 = $600
    24 = $1000